About Us

Radio Puneri Awaz 107.8 FM is a Pune based Community Radio stationed in the heart of Pune city having a proud history. Radio Puneri Awaz is a specialist in all genre programming among all the Radio. It caters to all local tribes, street vendors, local schools, labor society and other variable communities of Pune. Covering a spherical area of Puneri communities,  107.8 FM broadcasts all year round in Marathi(major), English & Hindi. Puneri Community is highly diversified, encompassing all the tribal communities, street vendors, labors and other residents.


Radio Puneri Awaz tries to initiate a community’s involvement in broadcasting and to motivate communities to recreate a vision of their own landscape and culture to fuel the social transformation and development. We try to absorb the community’s voice beyond broadcasting through various outreach projects aimed to ensure community ownership to stimulate sustainability.


Radio Puneri Awaz is a community radio station that honors the variable identities that represent the rich culture of Pune and is a platform for different voices through participation, collaborations, tribes, and community-based projects.


  • Engaging and encouraging community participation in the medium of community radio.
  • Enriching and favoring Puneri Heritage, Art, and Culture.
  • Sharing new skills, insights, and knowledge to educate the Puneri youth.
  • Networking various organizations on a common purpose.
  • Creating community-driven self-sustained projects.
  • Giving stage to students of local government schools.


World Renewal Spiritual Trust (WRST) is the custodian of Radio Puneri Awaz 107.8FM.