How to Join ?

Radio Puneri Awaz is totally YOUR Radio Station. The station of YOU, for YOU, made by YOU. New enthusiastic, stunning and zealous ideas and talents are what we are looking for.  Our station Co-ordinators are always available to come to the station directly. You can be On-Air!

As the broadcast is in Marathi(major), English & Hindi.

So, we Welcome talents of all types :

  • RJs, Anchors
  • Interviewers
  • Singers & Bands ( Classical, Western, Filmy, Folk, Cultural, Sufi, Qawwali, Unplugged, etc.)
  • Instrumentalists( All types)
  • Mimic Artists
  • Poets & Narrators  
  • Editors
  • Sound Experts


Students from various Media/Non-Media colleges of Pune can take a role and title for one year. You can also choose to take short term roles; for example, presenting a show for one semester. Internships are also open for other domains like editing, mixing, digital media publicity, etc. these are a small range of responsibilities for college students because students are busy people with other demands and priorities.

If you think you have that spark in YOU:

  • Produce a program that can be an interview, a documentary, drama, prose, poetry, etc.
  • Be a talent like a mimic artist in any of the shows.
  • Work on announcements and other commercials.
  • Become an intern and feel the community vibes.

Contact the Station Co-Ordinator

 Enrich yourself and help in building a healthy and lively Puneri Radio 107.8 FM.